Cassy Gardner

Cassy Gardner is not your typical recent college graduate; she is a motivated and accomplished leader who isn’t afraid to take on tough challenges. Her team focus and hard work have resulted in two national awards, one from Sandia National Laboratories for scientific achievement and the other from Control Engineering for leadership and contribution. Recruited from college by Banks Integration Group (a Superior Controls company) in Vacaville, CA as a controls engineering intern, she quickly became a vital member of the team and transitioned to a full-time role as control system engineer.

Cassy has been responsible for a myriad of tasks that are required for project-based control systems integration including working with clients, project management, writing documentation for design and testing, designing human-machine interfaces (HMI), writing programmable logic controller (PLC) code, generating and editing batch recipes, and developing hardware design specifications. Along with her regular work duties, Cassy initiated and lead the ‘Bright Ideas’ initiative in her facility, which helped to strengthen the organization through employee empowerment, collaboration, and a creative mindset. In her current position as Lead Automation engineer, Cassy is responsible for being the company’s main point of contact for a major client, managing all projects and activities at that site.

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