Industries Served

Banks Integration provides quality engineering services and delivers reliable, high quality automation systems for a wide range of industries.

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology

Banks Integration Group has specialized in Life Science and Biotech applications for 20 years and has designed or upgraded a significant number of the control systems used for production at all major Biotech facilities in Northern California.  A major differentiator is Banks’ ability to design and build applications for cGMP validated systems.

Product Manufacturing and Distribution

Banks has provided many large packaging and distribution facilities with identification systems using vision and barcode interfaces.  These projects have included material tracking control systems to monitor a product from the order placed to the destination center once it leaves the facility.

Oil and Gas

Banks Integration was founded on automating Tank Truck Loading Racks, Ratio Blending, and Additive Injection Systems.  Throughout the years, Banks has been involved with integrating control systems in large lubricant facilities and oil manufacturers.

Food and Beverage

Banks has been involved in numerous food and beverage facility projects throughout California.  From legacy upgrades to large process automated control systems, Banks Integration has been a key solution partner for manufacturers on the west coast.

Wineries, Breweries, and Spirits

With the winery, brewery, and spirits industries rapidly expanding on the west coast, Banks Integration has been involved in many information based OEE reporting and SCADA system applications initiatives for these facilities.  Banks has helped numerous companies pave the way for rapid growth and distribution by providing expertise in process automation and efficiency reporting.